Poster Sessions

As of Apr 30, 2018

Session #1: Monday Apr 30, 2018 - 10am-noon - All lightning talks for Session #1

Name Award NSF Award Title Poster Talk
Daniel Crawford SI2-Institute The Molecular Sciences Software Institute
Henri Casanova SI2-SSE WRENCH: A Simulation Workbench for Scientific Workflow Users, Developers, and Researchers
Mohammad Ebrahim Khalaj SI2-SSI Jet Energy-Loss Tomography with a Statistically and Computationally Advanced Program Envelope (JETSCAPE)
Alberto Passalacqua SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: A Next-Generation Open-Source Computational Fluid Dynamic Code for Polydisperse Multiphase Flows in Science and Engineering
Dane Morgan SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: A Computational Materials Data and Design Environment
Ewa Deelman SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Pegasus: Automating Compute and Data Intensive Science
Azzam Haidar SI2-SSE MAtrix, TEnsor, and Deep-learning Optimized Routines
B. S. Manjunath SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: LIMPID: Large-Scale IMage Processing Infrastructure Development
Ale Strachan SI2-SSE SI2-SSE Collaborative Research: Molecular simulations of polymer nanostructures in the cloud
Jeffrey Potoff SI2-SSE SSE: Development of a High-Performance Parallel Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation Engine
Rion Dooley SI2-SSI ​The Agave Platform: An Open Science-As-A-Service Cloud Platform for Reproducible Science
Ritu Arora SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: An Interactive Parallelization Tool
Nathan Goldbaum SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Inquiry-Focused Volumetric Data Analysis Across Scientific Domains: Sustaining and Expanding the yt Community
Elbridge Gerry Puckett SI2-SSE Development and Implementation of Software Elements using of State-of-the-Art Computational Methods to Advance Modeling Heterogeneities and Mixing in Earth’s Mantle
Bruce Berriman SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: The Next Generation of The Montage Image Mosaic Engine: Beyond Mosaics
Sameer Shende SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: A Software Infrastructure for MPI Performance Engineering: Integrating MVAPICH and TAU via the MPI Tools Interface
Dhabaleswar K (DK) Panda SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Collaborative Project: FAMII: High performance and scalable fabric analysis, monitoring and introspection infrastructure for HPC and Big Data
Mark Ghiorso SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: ENKI: Software infrastructure that ENables Knowledge Integration for modeling coupled geochemical and geodynamical processes
Amarda Shehu SI2-SSE A Novel Plug-and-play Software Platform of Robotics-inspired Algorithms for Modeling Biomolecular Structures and Motions
Luis Agapito SI2-SSE A Software for Accelerated Discovery of Microscopic Electronic Processes in Materials
Damian Dechev SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: TLDS: Transactional Lock-free Data Structures
Jason Leigh SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: SAGEnext: Next Generation Integrated Persistent Visualization and Collaboration Services for Global Cyberinfrastructure
Edward Valeev SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Software Framework for Electronic Structure of Molecules and Solids
David Anderson SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Expanding Volunteer Computing
Ye Zhao SI2-SSE TrajAnalytics: A Cloud-Based Visual Analytics Software System to Advance Transportation Studies Using Emerging Urban Trajectory Data.
Yosuke Kanai SI2-SSE NSCI: SI2-SSE: Time Stepping and Exchange-Correlation Modules for Massively Parallel Real-time Time-dependent DFT
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Scalable Multifaceted GPU Program Debugging
Boyce Griffith SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Scalable infrastructure for enabling multiscale and multiphysics applications in fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, and fluid-structure interaction
Timo Thonhauser Other A United Theory of van der Waals forces in Non-Local Density Functional Theory
Kyle Niemeyer SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Collaborative Research: An Intelligent and Adaptive Parallel CPU/GPU Co-Processing Software Library for Accelerating Reactive-Flow Simulations
David Hudak SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Open OnDemand: Transforming Computational Science through Omnidisciplinary Software Cyberinfrastructure
Gregory Voth SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Highly Efficient and Scalable Software for Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics
Hyowon Park SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Collaborative Research: Software framework for strongly correlated materials: from DFT to DMFT
Wolfgang Bangerth SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Open source support for massively parallel, generic finite element methods
Peter Elmer SI2-Conceptualization Conceptualization of an S2I2 Institute for High Energy Physics
Piotr Luszczek SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: BONSAI: An Open Software Infrastructure for Parallel Autotuning of Computational Kernels
Upulee Kanewala Other Toward Sustainable Software for Science - Implementing and Assessing Systematic Testing Approaches for Scientific Software
Shaowen Wang SI2-Conceptualization SI2-S2I2 Conceptualization: Geospatial Software Institute
Madhusudhan Govindaraju SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Expanding the Scope of Materials Modeling with EPW Software

Session #2: Monday Apr 30, 2018 - 3:15pm-5pm - All lightning talks for Session #2

Name Award NSF Award Title Poster Talk
Frank Timmes SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics
Muhammad Osama SI2-Institute Gunrock: High-Performance GPU Graph Analytics
Alexander D. Kaiser SI2-SSI The SimCardio Open Source Multi-Physics Cardiac Modeling Package
David Tarboton SI2-SSI Collaborative Research, HydroShare: Cyberinfrastructure for Advancing Hydrologic Knowledge through Collaborative Integration of Data Science, Modeling and Analysis
Reuben D. Budiardja SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: A Software Element for Neutrino Radiation Hydrodynamics in GenASiS
Aleksei Aksimentiev SI2-SSE Collaborative Research: Integrated Tools for DNA Nanostructure Design and Simulation
Michael Bell SI2-SSI SI2­-SSI: Lidar Radar Open Software Environment (LROSE)
Emery R. Boose SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Bringing EndtoEnd Provenance to Scientists
David Kofke SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Infrastructure Enabling Broad Adoption of New Methods That Yield Orders-of-Magnitude Speedup of Molecular Simulation Averaging
Mark Shephard SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Fast Dynamic Load Balancing Tools for Extreme Scale Systems
Carlos Maltzahn SI2-SSI Big Weather Web: A Common and Sustainable Big Data Infrastructure in Support of Weather Prediction Research and Education in Universities
Yung-Hsiang Lu SI2-SSE Analyze Visual Data from Worldwide Network Cameras
Abani Patra SI2-SSI Collabora veResearch:BuildingSustainableToolsandCollabora onforVolcanicandRe- lated Hazards Program: So ware Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation
Davide Curreli and Steve Shannon SI2-SSE An open source multi-physics platform to advance fundamental understanding of plasma physics and enable impactful application of plasma systems
Kyle Chard SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Swift/E: Integrating Parallel Scripted Workflow into the Scientific Software Ecosystem
Ryan May SI2-SSE MetPy - A Python GEMPAK Replacement for Meteorological Data Analysis
Joannes J Westerink SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: STORM: A Scalable Toolkit for an Open Community Supporting Near Realtime High Resolution Coastal Modeling
ANKUR SRIVASTAVA SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: 3DSIM: A Unified Framework for 3D CPU Co-Simulation
Xiaosong Li SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Sustainable Open-Source Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy Software
George Bosilca SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: EVOLVE: Enhancing the Open MPI Software for Next Generation Architectures and Applications
George Bosilca SI2-SSI SIE-SSI: TESSE Task Based Environment for Scientific Simulation at Extreme Scale
P. Bryan Heidorn SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Visualizing Astronomy Repository Data using WorldWide Telescope Software Systems
Emre Brookes SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: GenApp - A Transformative Generalized Application Cyberinfrastructure
Haiying Shen CDS&E NSF #1404981 Application Characterization for Adaptive Computing Platform Determination for Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering
Kenneth Jansen SI2-SSE SSE: Software Elements to Enable Immersive Simulation
Kenneth Jansen CDS&E A Data-Centric Approach to Turbulence Simulation
Kenneth Jansen SI2-Conceptualization NISC SI2-S2I2 Conceptualization of CFDSI: Model, Data, and Analysis Integration for End-to-End Support of Fluid Dynamics Discovery and Innovation
Mike Sokoloff SI2-SSE Collaborative Research: SI2:SSE: Extending the physics reach of LHCb in Run 3 using machine learning in the real-time data ingestion and reduction system
Francesco Paesani SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Enabling Chemical Accuracy in Computer Simulations: An Integrated Software Platform for Many-Body Molecular Dynamics
Yifei Mo SI2-SSI SI2­SSI: Collaborative Research: A Robust High­Throughput Ab Initio Computation and Analysis Software Framework for Interface Materials Science
Jerry Bernholc SI2-SSE NSCI SI2-SSE: Multiscale Software for Quantum Simulations of Nanostructured Materials and Devices
Frank Petriello SI2-SSE The N-Jettiness Software Framework for Precision Perturbative QCD Calculations in Particle and Nuclear Physics
Xiangyu Zhang EAGER A Python Program Analysis Infrastructure to Facilitate Better Data Processing
Andreas Stathopoulos SI2-SSE Enhancing the PReconditioned Iterative MultiMethod Eigensolver Software with New Methods and Functionality for Eigenvalue and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Problems
Alexander Withers SI2-SSE AttackTagger: Early threat Detection for Scientific Cyberinfrastructure
Lincoln Carr SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Entangled Quantum Dynamics in Closed and Open Systems, an Open Source Software Package for Quantum Simulator Development and Exploration of Synthetic Quantum Matter
Kyle Mandli CRISP CRISP Type 1: Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimization Modeling and Stakeholder Observations
Harish S. Bhat CDS&E Simulation and Inference Algorithms for Stochastic Differential Equations

Session #3: Tuesday May 1, 2018 - 10:15am-noon - All lightning talks for Session #3

Name Award NSF Award Title Poster Talk
Jeffrey Carver EAGER EAGER: Collaborative Research: Making Software Engineering Work for Computational Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach
Mark Neubauer SI2-Conceptualization Collaborative Research: S2I2: Cncp: Conceptualization of an S2I2 Institute for High Energy Physics
Peter Diener SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: Einstein Toolkit Communitiy Integration and Data Exploration
Matthew Parno SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Integrating Data with Complex Predictive Models under Uncertainty: An Extensible Software Framework for Large-Scale Bayesian Inversion
Andreas Mueller SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Improving Scikit-learn usability and automation
Charles Torre SI2-SSE Symbolic Toolboxes for Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Christopher Iacovella SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Development of a Software Framework for Formalizing Forcefield Atom-Typing for Molecular Simulation
Christopher Iacovella SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Integrated Molecular Design Environment for Lubrication Systems (iMoDELS)
Brian Bockelman SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Data-Intensive Analysis for High Energy Physics (DIANA/HEP)
Greg Tucker SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Landlab: A Flexible, Open-Source Modeling Framework for Earth-Surface Dynamics
Jan Verschelde SI2-SSE Solving Polynomial Systems with PHCpack and phcpy
David Schloen SI2-SSI CRESCAT, A Computational Research Ecosystem for Scientific Collaboration on Ancient Topics, Spanning the Full Data Life Cycle
Suresh Marru SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Open Gateway Computing Environments Science Gateways Platform as a Service (OGCE SciGaP)
Douglas Thain SI2-SSE Scaling Up Science with the Cooperative Computing Tools
Christopher Paciorek SI2-SSI Integrating the NIMBLE statistical algorithm platform with advanced computational tools andanalysis workflows
Barry Drake SI2-SSE Collaborative Research: High Performance Low Rank Approximation for Scalable Data Analytics
Paul Navratil SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: A Comprehensive Ray Tracing Framework for Visualization in Distributed-Memory Parallel Environments.
Paul Bauman SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Collaborative Research: Extending the Practicality and Scalability of LibMesh-Based Unstructured, Adaptive Finite Element Computations
Peter Volgyesi SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Deep Forge: a Machine Learning Gateway for Scientific Workflow Design
Devangi Parikh SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Sustaining Innovation in the Linear Algebra Software Stack for Computational Chemistry and other Sciences
Alyssa Goodman SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Collaborative Research: A Sustainable Future for the Glue Multi-Dimensional Linked Data Visualization Package
Grady Wright SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: GEM3D: Open-Source Cartesian Adaptive Complex Terrain Atmospheric Flow Solver for GPU Clusters
Frank Tip Other SHF: Small: Automated Detection and Repair of Errors in Event-Driven Applications
Ye Zhao SI2-SSE GeoVisuals Software: Capturing, Managing, and Utilizing GeoSpatial Multimedia Data for Collaborative Field Research
Christina Bandaragoda RAPID RAPID: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Building Infrastructure to Prevent Disasters like Hurricane Maria
Vincent Weaver SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Collaborative Proposal: Performance Application Programming Interface for Extreme-Scale Environments (PAPI-EX)
Ray Zimmerman SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Foundations for MATPOWER as an Extensible Tool for Power Systems Research and Education
Ying Li Other CRII: OAC: A Hybrid Finite Element and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach for Modeling Nanoparticle Transport in Human Vasculature
Vincent Reverdy SI2-SSE STAMLA: Scalable Tree Algorithms for Machine Learning Applications
Brian Demsky SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: C11Tester: Scaling Testing of C/C++11 Atomics to Real-World Systems
Paul Butler SI2-SSI SI2-CHE: CCP-SAS - Collaborative Computing consortium for advanced analyses of structural data in chemical biology and soft condensed matter
Paul Rulis DMREF Predictive Modeling of Polymer-Derived Ceramics: Discovering Methods for the Design and Fabrication of Complex Disordered Solids
Warren B. Mori SI2-SSI Particle-in-Cell and Kinetic Simulation Software Center
Chad Hanna SI2-SSE Hearing the signal through the static: Real-time noise reduction in the hunt for binary black holes and other gravitational wave transients
Shantenu Jha SI2-SSI ExTASY
Matteo Turilli SI2-SSE RADICAL-Cybertools
Ali Shojaie CDS&E Statistical Methods for Discrete-Valued High-Dimensional Time Series with Applications to Neuroscience
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr SI2-Institute Science Gateways Community Institute
Raheem Beyah SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: ShareSafe: A Framework for Researchers and Data Owners to Help Facilitate Secure Graph Data Sharing

Session #4: Tuesday May 1, 2018 - 2:45pm-4:30pm - All lightning talks for Session #4

Name Award NSF Award Title Poster Talk
Carl Boettiger EAGER Codemeta: a Rosetta Stone for Metadata in Scientific Software
Louise Kellogg EAGER EAGER: Development of software citation methodology for open source computational science
Philip A. Wilsey SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Scalable Big Data Clustering by Random Projection Hashing
Anton Van der Ven SI2-SSE Automated statistical mechanics for the first-principles prediction of finite temperature properties in hybrid organic-inorganic crystals
Andrew Lumsdaine SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: GraphPack: Unified Graph Processing with Parallel Boost Graph Library, GraphBLAS, and High-Level Generic Algorithm Interfaces
Volker Blum SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: ELSI-Infrastructure for Scalable Electronic Structure Theory
John Mellor-Crummey SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: A Sustainable Infrastructure for Performance, Security, and Correctness Tools
Neil Heffernan SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Adding Research Accounts to the ASSISTments' Platform: Helping Researchers Do Randomized Controlled Studies with Thousands of Students
Luis Oliveira SI2-SSE EASE: Improving Research Accountability through Artifact Evaluation
Emanuel Gull Other CDS&E: Numerical Investigation of Two-Particle Response Functions of Correlated Materials
Haiying Shen Other NSF #1724845 CIF21 DIBBs: PD: Building High-Availability Data Capabilities in Data-Centric Cyberinfrastructure
Greg Newman SI2-SSI Advancing and Mobilizing Citizen Science Data through an Integrated Sustainable Cyber-Infrastructure
Andrew Connolly SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: An Ecosystem of Reusable Image Analytics Pipelines
Jindal K. Shah SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Development of Cassandra, A General, Efficient and Parallel Monte Carlo Multiscale Modeling Software Platform for Materials Research
Heike Jagode SI2-SSE PAPI Unifying Layer for Software-Defined Events (PULSE)
Icaro Alzuru SI2-SSE Human- and Machine-Intelligent Software Elements for Cost-Effective Scientific Data Digitization
Christine Goulet SI2-SSI SI2-SSI: Community Software for Extreme-Scale Computing in Earthquake System Science
Eric Polizzi SI2-SSE A parallel computing framework for large-scale real-space and real-time TDDFT excited-states calculations
Gregory Sharp SI2-SSE Collaborative Research: SI2-SSE: High-Performance Workflow Primitives for Image Registration and Segmentation
Joseph Stubbs SI2-SSE Abaco - Flexible, Scalable, and Usable Functions-As-A-Service via the Actor Model
Christopher Roland SI2-SSE Enhanced software tools for biomolecular free energy calculations
Sohrab Ismail-Beigi SI2-SSI Scalable, Extensible, and Open Framework for Ground and Excited State Properties of Complex Systems
Karthik Ram SI2-Conceptualization SI2-S2I2 Conceptualization: Conceptualizing a US Research Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI)
Philip Maechling Other Mining Seismic Wavefields
Andrew Miner SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: A Next-Generation Decision Diagram Library
Matthew Newville SI2-SSI Integration of Synchrotron X-Ray Analysis Software Methods into the Larch Framework
Gene Cooperman SI2-SSE NSCI: SI2-SSE: An Extensible Model to Support Scalable Checkpoint-Restart for DMTCP across Multiple Disciplines
Tim Menzies EAGER Empirical Methods for Computational Science
James Bordner SI2-SSE SI2-SSE: Petascale Enzo: Software Infrastructure Development and Community Engagement
Hassen Saidi SI2-SSE Synthesizing Self-Contained Scientific Software